CoronaVirus Update 



Firstly can I say thank you for your patience while we put together a plan of action for everyone's lessons. I understand it can be very annoying with the constant updates but as things have been changing daily we have just been trying to keep up. :)

So, we have a plan in place to make sure every single student can still have some kind of guidance while we are shutdown. Please read through our guide and fill in the form at the end (I really do think it's the last form I will get you to fill out for a while).


Our Plan is:

1) Every student now has an Online Learning Space on this website. On it is a practice diary and helpful links to their learning. The main aid to the students will be a weekly upload of work to each learning space that students can work on from home. This service will be free to use. We will update every students learning space each week with new exercises to do. We do ask that if you feel this service is useful then please pay what you think the service is worth each week.

You will all receive a password that is linked to your Online Learning Space within 24 hours.   

Click the button to find out how to login to your Online Learning Space. 

2) Online lessons are now offered to all students. These will take place on ZOOM (if you are not comfortable with ZOOM, we are happy to use another video calling service). You DO NOT need a drum kit at home to have these sessions, however it does make them easier, as we will be using the time in the sessions to go over work set in the Online Learning Space. These sessions will last between 20-30 minutes and will currently take place at your normal lesson times. We will be charging £8 per session. This will be done as a Pay As You Go. All payments must be made online. 


Thank You Again, please stay safe and I hope to see you all very soon.

If you would like to take part in online lessons please fill in this form before your planned lessons this week:

Online Lesson Info
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