In School Music Lessons

Our in-school services are as follows:


  • Solo or paired/group instrumental lessons for 20 minutes on either Piano, Guitar or Drum Kit.



  • A yearly concert to showcase what the students have been working on. (This can be seperate to any concerts the school may run or can be a part of them).


  • We currently offer a weekly Virtual Music Assembly to select schools at no cost to them. This includes a Track of the Week, a musical elements focus, a 'Music Legend of the Month' and a weekly music quiz.

To enquire about lessons in your school please make sure your school is one of our participating schools. Get in contact with the school and ask about booking a lesson.

We also have lots of homeschool activities for student to work on, check them out below:

Check out this video of one of our Year 2 piano students working on basic harmonys in one of their first lessons on the topic.