Welcome Back To The Studio

On March 21st 2020 we closed our doors to our customers, almost 10 weeks later and we are taking our first tentative steps towards re opening the studio.

As you will be aware our studio is not a large open space, however after careful planning and constant assesment of our practice in line with government guidelines, I am confident that lessons can begin to go ahead starting on MONDAY 15th JUNE 2020.

Of course these lessons will be as close to what lessons were before we closed but we have had to make some changes to our lessons to accomodate full social distancing measures. I will run through all changes to our lessons, explain how social distancing will be upheld, and ask for your feedback so please read through this carefully and thoroughly.



  1. All lessons will now run for 25 MINUTES, this is so that there is no crossover of students entering and leaving the studio. This will also give the teacher time to wipe down all surfaces and to air the studio before the next lesson.

  2. Only one student will be allowed in the studio at a time. Any family members will be asked to remain outside.

  3. The studio door will be open and the door handle will be sterilised before students arrive, therefore students may close the door upon arrival without needing to knock. This will reduce the instances of the teacher travelling into the students work area to open and close the door.

  4. Upon arrival, students must apply hand sanitizer from either the hand sanitizer station by the door or use their own hand sanitizer. They must also do this when they leave the studio.

  5. Please make sure all students bring their own sticks. We will have a small supply of new unused sticks for anyone to use who don't have any sticks. 

  6. Both students and teachers are not allowed to cross their floor lines whilst both of them are in the studio. There is now an area measuring 2.5m x 2m that both student and teacher will not be allowed to enter during a lesson.

  7. Face Masks: These can be worn by students if they feel it will help them during the lesson. The default position is for the teachers not to wear face masks, however we will be happy to wear them if requested. 

  8. Please do not arrive early to your lesson. We know timing can be difficult however we do not want to have people waiting outside the studio for 10 minutes before the lesson. Please aim to arrive as close to your lesson time as possible.  


I would really appreciate any feedback you have on these new rules and if you have any suggestions for how they could be improved please contact me at thanetdrumtuition@gmail.com.

Please fill out the form below with your plan for returning to the studio for your lessons. Please respond by June 7th 2020.

We have had some students that have not made any contact with us since before the lockdown, please DO NOT ignore this form as we will remove you from our list of students and offer your lesson slot to someone else if we hear nothing by the deadline. 

Once you have you have submitted your form I will contact you personally to discuss your choice and how we can move forward with getting lessons back to normal.


Please carefully fill out the linked form below with your plans for whether you will be returning to our studio for lessons.
You will have a choice of 4 options to follow with your return. 


They are as follows:


1) Return to the studio for normal lessons from June 15th 2020.
2) Have lessons online via Zoom or Facetime with a view to return by September 2020.
3) Not return to lessons yet or have lessons online, but have a view to return to the studio by September 2020.
4) Not return to Thanet Drum Tuition at all. 

If you have any questions about these options please still fill out the form and we can discuss your queries when I contact you .