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TDT Charity Snowcase



This Christmas, we will be holding another charity showcase. Grab your tickets to a fun filled show full of music and christmas cheer.

Come and see our fantastic students take on great pieces of music for your entertainment. All in aid of charity. Pick up a raffle ticket and enter our prize charity draw!


In Christmas 2022 we put on a charity showcase in support of Tonic Music For Mental Health. 5 of our upcoming drummers took to the stage and performed a variety of sets of music, with each one culminating in a Christmas track. Our house band was back to support our students. 

After a fantastic gig and charity raffle we managed to rais over £700 for the Charity!

All profits from this event will be donated to Tonic Music for Mental Health. For more infomation on the charity and the event, please see below.

Tonic Music For Mental Health


Tonic are a charity that support musicians and industry professionals with their mental health.

Their core values are:


​A belief that participation in music and the arts can promote and sustain good mental health.


Tonic champion a recovery-based approach for those experiencing poor mental health.


They believe in empowering people to create healthy environments that promote good mental health.



​They advocate discussion, education and inclusion as a means to reducing stigma and breaking down barriers.

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