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Book a Lesson in our Studio

Our 1:1 lessons run in the afternoon into the evenings on weekdays and on saturday daytimes.

We have 2 tutors, Graham and Chaz, we teach out of a studio in Broadstairs.

We usually start taking on students from age 5 onwards.

We teach RSL grades Debut - 8 with a focus on lots of different genres.

We also run 2 modules throughout the year.

Module 1 is recording based and that runs from August-December and we record students with a full studio recording set up.

Module 2 is performance based and this runs from January-July where students will prepare for a showcase concert where they get to perform with a live band of professional musicians.

These are what we call core musical experiences that every student should experience so we like to offer it as best we can.

We offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute sessions per week.

We operate a waiting list if we become fully booked.

Our studio is kitted out with a full  20" Mapex Mars Fusion Drum Kit. We now use soft heads, microphones and headphones to be able to control the sound perfectly for your lessons.

To book a lesson with us please send us a message.

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