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Our Projects

Throughout the academic year we run lots of projects with various schools and musicians.

Have a look at the work we do and come and get involved!

Summer Showcase

We hold an annual summer showcase for our students. This is their chance to get up and perform with a live band of working musicians in front of a live audience.


We hold an afternoon showcase for our Junior students and an evening gig for our Seniors. 

School Of Rock

In September 2022 we set up The School Of Rock in Sir Roger Manwoods. Our teacher help and support young, upcoming bands by training them in rehearsal discipline and performance technique.


We also give as many performance opportunities as possible.

Our aim is to build the next generation of live music performers!   

Recording Module

Every Winter Term we work with some of our students on a recording module. This is where our students get the chance to be part of the recording process. Our studio is decked out with microphones and cameras and we give students the full blown experience.

Winter Showcase

In 2022, we did our first Winter Showcase. This was all for charity in aid of Tonic (Music for Mental Health). We raised a fantastic £723.34!

This showcase involved 5 students performing small sets with a live band.  

In School Lessons

We work with schools in Thanet to provide a range of instrumental lessons. 

Click the 'View More' button to see if we are in your school and sign up for lessons.

Studio Lessons

Come to our studio in Broadstairs and learn how to play drums, enjoy music and get the most out of your musical experience!


You can sign up for lessons by clicking the 'View More' button. 

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